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  • Please click the links below to view the catalogues.
  • The classical vinyl catalogue is divided by record label.  The content of the catalogue is divided in the following order:- Decca, EMI/HMV, Columbia, Deutsche Grammophon, Phillips, RCA, CBS and then all other labels alphabetically. 
  • The catalogues are best printed in landscape format.

Click here for classical LP catalogue




  • To search the catalogue:  The catalogues can be searched by using the edit feature on your computer.  For example, to find all the titles conducted by, say, Boskovsky- click >Edit (on your toolbar), then click  >Find (on this page), then type in Boskovsky, then click >Find Next.  The first title in the catalogue conducted by Boskovsky should then be highlighted.  By clicking >Find Next again, the next title in the catalogue conducted by Boskovsky should be highlighted.  This can be continued throughout the catalogue. 

  • Catalogue Updates:  Sold items will be removed from the catalogues with each major site update.  New items will continually be added to the catalogues.