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We are always interested in buying collections of vinyl records and collections of classical CDs.  Records must be in excellent condition (no scratched records please). We can travel to view and purchase record collections depending on the content.  In addition we will also consider purchasing items of vintage hi-fi.
Purchase of records can be made via postal delivery/courier which can sometimes be cost-effective.  For example around 80 LPs can be sent by courier for around £15.

We are mainly interested in buying classical vinyl LP records and CDs (please see below for CDs).  In particular we are interested in purchasing original records from the Decca SXL series, EMI/HMV ASD series and Columbia SAX series.  Our highest prices are paid for stereo records from these series that were originally purchased in the late 1950s/ early 1960s.  The Decca wide band, EMI/HMV white/gold and Columbia blue/silver labels from the above series are always wanted as these are the earliest pressings.  Sample photographs of these labels can be supplied if in doubt.

We are also interested in buying collections of classical CDs on major labels. Major label CDs from the 1980s are particularly wanted.

Other types of LPs we may be interested in include-Progressive Rock/ Folk/ Reggae (1970s & earlier)/ Krautrock/ Psychedelic/ 1950s and 1960s popular music.

It would be of assistance if a list of titles and catalogue numbers for the records could be provided.  However if the collection is very large this may be too onerous a task so please telephone (07966 039831) to discuss the content of the collection.  We do NOT buy 78s.  We are mainly interested in LPs, but do also buy 7 inch vinyl records if we think they are of particular interest.

Please e-mail regarding any records you wish to sell